EVENT: Camp Cooking Basics Demo & Recipe Sampling

Posted by Adventure 16 | 04.30.2018

Pie in a Dutch Oven

When people get ready for an outdoor adventure, they spend a great deal of time planning all
the details of their trip- from gear lists to weather reports to topographical maps- but food is
usually treated as afterthought, with last-minute plans to grab hot dogs and peanut butter on the
way out of town. Food is an essential that provides sustenance for survival, but also comfort on
a cold night under the stars.

Chefs from Dirty Gourmet cooking outdoors

We will teach you how to make food an elevated part of the experience for any type of outdoor
adventure by providing tips, tricks, and adaptable recipes that take specific trip considerations
into account, whether it’s a day trip, glamorous car camping trip, or backcountry adventure.

HAPPY HALF HOUR: 6:30pm; PRESENTATION: 7:00pmhelix logo
Wednesday, June 13: A16 San Diego Store
Friday, June 15: A16 West Los Angeles Store

Dirty Gourmet Cookbook


Chefs from dirty gourmet

Dirty Gourmet started as a blog in 2010 by three women with lots of outdoor experience. Aimee
and Mai-yan had just returned home to LA from a 4-month bike tour across Canada, and Emily
had been working in the outdoor industry as a technical product expert and outdoor science
instructor her whole adult life. The company has grown to include camp chef services for large
scale outdoor events as well as a newly released cookbook!

Gear we love, and will be using for our demo this evening:

Camp Chef Everest or Kovea two-burner propane stove
Lodge 10” Cast Iron Skillet
MSR camp kitchen supplies (Chef’s knife, cutting board, foldable backpacking utensils)
Rome Pie Iron