Posted by Adventure 16 | 01.21.2016

At a casual glance, much of Anza-Borrego Desert appears lifeless, hostile, and forbidding. Many hikers expecting to find only sand and vindictive, razor-sharp plants avoid the region based primarily on this perception, along with other fears about the hazards of desert hiking. In stark contrast to these assumptions, Anza-Borrego - far from being a lifeless void - hides countless secrets, ranging from secluded watering holes, diverse wildlife and botany, and scenes of sublime, austere beauty that generations of initiated hikers have come to love and admire.

Scott Turner, co-author of the upcoming 5th edition of Afoot and Afield in San Diego County was no stranger to these assumptions prior to his immersion in the wonders of Anza-Borrego. Today, through a process of trial-and-error, discovery, and classic love story, he has developed a deep, evangelical love for a region that once seemed foreign and hostile.


Join him for a discussion on the story of how he came to assume stewardship of Jerry Schad's classic hiking guide, how his attitude evolved from apprehension to affection, and how he, like so many others passionate about Anza-Borrego, learned to stop worrying and love the cholla.

HAPPY 1/2 HOUR: 6:30; PRESENTATION: 7:00pm                                      
Thursday, February 4:  A16 San Diego Store




   Scott Turner is the co-author of the upcoming 5th edition of Afoot and Afield in San Diego
. Scott also contributes regularly to the SoCal outdoor blog Modern Hiker and has
   provided the hiking content for Sandiego.org.

   When he isn't traipsing around in the middle of nowhere, he works as a Marriage and Family    Therapist serving adults with chronic mental illness.