EVENT: Afoot & Afield in San Diego County--Presentation & Book Signing by Scott Turner

Posted by Adventure 16 | 03.01.2017

Evening light over the Borrego Badlands

Join Scott Turner as he presents the fully revised 5th edition of Jerry Schad’s hiking classic, Afoot and Afield San Diego County. Scott will share the vision behind the new book, the process of revising San Diego’s original “hiking bible,” and the new features and content contained within the new text, including 50 brand new routes and fully updated trail descriptions. FREE EVENT.

French Valley                                                                                        The Bones of the Earth

Through an image-rich presentation on the scope of the book, discover the comprehensive spectrum of routes explore virtually every habitat in San Diego’s vast and diverse front- and back-country presented within the pages of Jerry Schad’s classic. Learn about the numerous unique features of San Diego County’s landscape, and gain insight into the best hiking spots, pro-tips on how to develop skills to expand your hiking repertoire, and celebrate the continuation of Jerry Schad’s outdoor legacy.

Sunrise over the Cuyamaca Mountains                                                                      Torrey Pines Reserve

Kwaaymii Point Sunrise

Wednesday, April 5: A16 San Diego Store, 7pm


Scott Turner is an avid hiker, photographer, writer, dad, husband, Marriage and Family therapist, and accomplished knucklehead. Over the course of thousands of trail miles in the last half-decade, he has scoured San Diego County and much of the southwestern United States in search of beauty, solitude, and a place to stash his surplus calories.