Climbing Mt. Whitney's East Buttress June 24- 27, 2016

Posted by Adventure 16 | 08.03.2016

by Jacqueline Doiron, Visual Merchandiser, A16 West Los Angeles Store

Jacqueline Doiron and Quinn Carson on the Mt. Whitney Summit
Jacqueline Doiron and Quinn Carson on the Mt. Whitney Summit

I had no intentions of ever climbing or hiking Mt Whitney.  Never really had any interest in Mt Whitney. Other
Californian 14ers seem more appealing such as Shasta, Split Mtn, and Mt Williamson. 

An ex A16er, 
Quinn Carson, asked me to climb Mt Whitney because it was his dream to do a multi-pitch.  After he told me that
Glen Dawson passed away this year, I decided to go.  Glen Dawson climbed the first ascent on East Buttress,

an easy route on the face of Whitney.  

Whitney Base Camp
Whitney Base Camp

We acclimatized at Horseshoe Meadow at 10,000' and hiked to 11,500'.  We spent some time there before returning
to 10,000' to camp overnight.  The next morning we started at the Whitney Portal Trailhead to North Fork. We camped
overnight at Iceberg Lake at 12,600' and got an early morning climb start on the East Buttress with 9 pitches. The last
2 pitches, involved scrambling to the summit.  We descended the Mountaineer's Route and then
camped overnight at Iceberg Lake before hiking out the next days. 


Descending Mountaineer's Route
Descending Mountaineer's Route

I am definitely happy that I went.  I also feel very lucky to have been able to actually see what I am climbing,
unlike many who take the Whitney trail and do not have the opportunity (due to many reasons) to see the
face of the mountain.   Although an easy climb, I do feel very lucky to have the ability to have summited
Mt. Whitney via East Buttress.