EVENT: CLIMBING IN PATAGONIA with Explorer & Mountain Guide, Tad McCrea--FREE!

Posted by adventure 16 | 06.09.2016

Explorer & Mountain Guide,Tad McCrea, shares his vast experience, skills and logistical knowledge of this raw, untapped wilderness of soaring spires and mystical valleys and walls.

Patagonia. The name itself embodies adventure. Since the days of explorers such as Charles Darwin, Bruce Chatwin, Lionel Terray, or Yvon Chouinard just the word Patagonia conjures up visions of raw, untapped wilderness. Sporting some of the best alpine rock on the planet, it is no wonder why the windswept expanse of Patagonia has become the climbing icon it is today.

Whether it be on the soaring golden spires and spines that comprise the Fitz Roy and Torre massifs, the mystical valleys and walls of the Paine, or the raw, untapped beauty of the northern "undiscovered" Patagonia, it is for good reason alpinists and adventurers alike travel halfway across the globe to throw their souls at the wind sculpted lines and passages of their dreams.

HAPPY 1/2 HOUR: 6:30pm; PRESENTATION: 7:00pm
Wednesday, July 6: A16 San Diego Store
Friday, July 8: A16 West Los Angeles Store



For the past three austral summer seasons Tad has explored and climbed throughout multiple regions of this still wild frontier. Along with copious images and video, he has accrued valuable experience, skills and logistical knowledge of this great wilderness at the southern tip of the world and would love to share his experiences and motivate others to follow their Patagonia dreams.


Tad is an explorer, adventurer, athlete, photographer/videographer, and guide. His home is in the mountains... The Sierra, the Cascades, the Rockies, the Alaska, the Coast, the Andes... All of these and more are a part of him, and help to express his love and passion for the outdoors and the adventure to be experienced within them.

If cracked cuticles, caffeine fueled alpine starts, high mountain bivies, screaming barffies, knee busting approaches, and delusional optimism are your idea of a fun mission into the hills, Tad is your guy... As an Instructor and Guide at the American Alpine Institute, he offers customized climbing programs and adventures throughout the Western United States, Alaska, Canada, and around the globe, specializing in low ratio, alpine style expeditions & ascents, placing special emphasis on style, ethics, and adventure.

He also offers instructional courses designed to increase proficiency and build the skills necessary to help you climb stronger, faster, and higher... to prepare you for the peak of your dreams.