Christmas Camping at Thornhill Broome, Point Mugu State Park

Posted by Adventure 16 | 12.31.2018

by Ali MirRasekh, A16 West Los Angeles, 12/24/18-12/25/18

tent on the beach

Incredible Christmas Eve spent on the beach at Pt. Mugu.  Thanks to the A16 team for lending me some decorations to add a festive touch to our evening.


For the first time in a long time I was in L.A. for Christmas, and being from the Midwest, I thought it'd be an amazing experience to wake up in the sand on Christmas morning.  I was able to book a site at the Pt. Mugu Thornhill Broome Beach campsite, which I've never been able to reserve before.  

With my Dad in town, I grabbed him and the pup after work and headed north.  Luckily we had another friend in town who was able to get the fire started by the time we arrived in the dark.

campfire at the beach

Never been able to camp right in the sand like this.  Such a great experience being able to fall asleep to the waves.

It was a beautiful night out with the waves crashing next to us as we set up the tent in the sand.  Luckily I was able to get the tent up and properly secured before the wind gusts kicked up.  Throughout the night we'd have calm skies then howling guests of wind up to 20mph.

dinner at the beach

Christmas Eve pasta dinner served with a nice Cab-Sauv out of metal cups.  

To top off the evening we made one of my favorite campfire dinners over the fire.  Toss in some onion, garlic and brown some spicy Italian sausage in an iron skillet then add some pre-cooked pasta and sauce, then presto, dinner is served.

dog on the beach

Soaking in Christmas Morning.  Wasn't sure if it was rain or the sound of sand hitting our tent all night but the rainbow in the background tells a different story.

This was certainly a challenging camp trip with the high winds and sand being blown everywhere, but if you ever have the chance to book this site I highly recommend it.  This is the closest I've ever been able to sleep to the water and hard to beat having Pt. Mugu right in the background.

on the beach for christmas

Christmas Morning with the family!