Calabasas Cold Creek Trail--12/2/18

Posted by Adventure 16 | 12.19.2018

My wife and I went to Malibu to hike our favorite trail but because of the fires most of the trails were closed.

fire damage
View of the damage from the Malibu Fires next to Malibu Seafood

We hopped onto All Trails and found the Calabasas hike which we hadn't done before.  It was a perfect cool day to head inland a little and the trail was great to let our pup Calvin off leash and train with him.  

dog on the trail
Hurry up guys!

The trail offered a number of ups and downs but a very easy trail to follow.  Loved getting to the top of the trail and catching some of the fire roads to look out over the mountain.


Attempt at a selfie
Attempt at a selfie


author with dog
Me and my hiking buddy