EVENT: Brendan Leonard--Sixty Meters to Anywhere--FREE!

Posted by Adventure 16 | 05.17.2016

Sixty Meters to Anywhere
How to Change Your Life by Completely Ruining it First


Brendan Leonard has made a career out of having fun in the mountains—more than 400,000 readers annually visit his website, Semi-Rad.com, for his goofball take on outdoor sports, and the “relentless pursuit of the everyman’s adventure.” As a full-time freelance writer and filmmaker, he’s made a living telling stories about the outdoors, but it hasn’t always been that fun—his path to the mountains started in a much darker place.

In his “motivational stand-up comedy” show, Sixty Meters to Anywhere, Brendan shares his story, and how adversity can eventually lead to an outlook of enthusiasm and gratitude. The talk parallels the story in his new book from Mountaineers Books, Sixty Meters to Anywhere. Expect to laugh (at and with the presenter), maybe get a lump in your throat, and definitely leave inspired.

Wednesday, June 29:  A16 San Diego Store

Thursday, June 30: A16 West Los Angeles Store

Copies of Sixty Meters to Anywhere will be available for purchase at Adventure 16 the evening of the show.



Brendan Leonard is the creator of Semi-Rad.com, and his writing has appeared in Outside, Men’s Journal, Adventure Journal, Climbing, Alpinist, National Geographic Adventure, and dozens of other magazines and literary journals. He has co-produced and co-directed several award-winning short films. He is the author of five books, including his newest memoir, Sixty Meters to Anywhere, published in May 2016 by Mountaineers Books.