Backpacking the San Gorgonio Wilderness to Dry Lake 12/30/18-1/1/19

Posted by Adventure 16 | 01.07.2019

To ring in the New Year in true Adventure 16 and Southern California fashion, I decided to take my love and head up to San G in the snow. After packing our packs full of gear, warm clothes, food, and spikes for our shoes, off we went.

looking for place to camp

Looking for a place to camp


settling in to camp

Settling in

Originally, we had planned to take the Vivian Creek route, but alas, it was closed on our arrival. So we decided last minute to take the South Fork Trail up to Dry Lake and camped and hiked for two days. It was freezing cold and oh-so worth it!

putting gloves on
Putting my gloves on after setting up camp

There were however, a few drawbacks. Not fully aware of just how much snow that side of the mountain had been blessed with, hiking through the snow past 9000 feet was pretty difficult. The snow was so deep that spikes on our boots were moot, really we needed snow shoes to distribute our weight properly so as to not fall through the snow.

waving at the camera

Waving my Ice Axe hello :)


On summit day, it just got too tiring to trudge and dig our legs in the entire way up. Still, the beautiful sights and isolation made for a peaceful start to the new year. Regardless of the difficulty and cold, it was a beautiful and comfortable experience having all of the right cold weather gear.

view of san g

Approaching San G


The days were full of homemade trail mix and beautiful powder and the nights were full of delicious hot chocolate and Backpacker's Pantry Lasagna. Definitely worth the winter-time adventure. Happy New Year!

goodnight to san g

Saying Good Night To San G