An Investigation into Some Mighty Big Footprints

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An Investigation into Some Mighty Big Footprints
In case you haven’t noticed, we A16’ers have a fascination with Sasquatch. Not because we necessarily believe the creatures are out there (at least not all of us), but because they represent “wildness” and “fun lovin’” and “adventure” all rolled into one. And because it’s amusing to say, “There’s a Squatch in these woods…” 

You can imagine the ruckus that was caused when A16 San Diego Sales Associate, Danny Palma, lugged in a plaster cast of a 13” humanoid footprint. Fun lovin, inquiring minds had to investigate! 

Turns out that back in the 80's, Danny’s dad, Edward Palma, was a nationally known Latent Print Examiner for the San Diego Police Department. He was contacted by Grover Krantz, an anthropologist who was investigating large footprints found in the Blue Mountains. Mr. Krantz sent several casts to Edward Palma to get his professional opinion on whether the footprints were real or fake. The casts and details from the investigation were then documented in a book called “Big Footprints—A Scientific Inquiry into the Reality of Sasquatch.” The book and the cast are currently on display in the A16 San Diego Store.

So, what was Edward Palma’s conclusion? Were the footprints real, or where they fake?  Let's just say that he determined that there were unmistakable markings in the casts that only natural footprints can make....

So what say you? Come check out the display and draw your own conclusions!

    Danny Palma with footprint cast

    Bigfoot display in the A16 San Diego Store


    The book BIG FOOTPRINTS: A Scientific Inquiry into the Reality of Sasquatch

Passage from the book BIG footprints that specifically mentions Edward Palma

Bigfoot cast

The Bigfoot cast compared to a normal human.

The Bigfoot cast campared to Danny Palma's size 13 foot.