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Posted by Adventure 16 | 05.03.2018

So…Where’s Jay Today?


A16's full-time Van Life Ambassador and part-time Design Aficionado, Jay Golien, has embarked on a Road Trip to Colorado and then who knows where.


His goal:

To work remotely – as though he were sitting right here in our office – while exploring new places, photographing strange landscapes and meeting weird / interesting people.


Why not?

If things get too weird, he can just drive off! Check back often for his latest adventure.


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Beep Beep!


:: This trip is wide open.


I'll camp in Arizona for a couple of days, head to Durango, Colorado for a week, then stop in Pagosa Springs for the Four Corners Folk Festival.


After that, we'll see where the van takes me. Stay tuned!




Dispersed Camping


dispersed camping
In the Coconino National Forest between Sedoni and Flagstaff.  photo: olas creative


BLM van camping
BLM free camping outside of Durango, Colorado. photo: olas creative



:: BLM dispersed camping spots are like your favorite surfing or fishing spots. As you drive closer to it, you hope no one is there and you have it all to yourself.


This is my second time though the route from San Diego to Pagosa Springs. I’ve camped at a couple of same BLM spots that I did in May. Luck has been on my side each time.




4 weeks in Oregon


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