A Beautiful Day at San Jacinto State Park, 11/19/17

Posted by Adventure 16 | 11.20.2017

by Robin Peterson, A16 Sales Audit

san jacinto sign

Having lived in San Diego for over 35 years, I had never taken the Palm Springs Tram nor hiked San Jacinto State Park until November 19th.  What a magnificent place.  I love the contrast of mountain tops and desert floor, so the tram ride views and the views along the Desert View loop trail were spectacular.  The weather was perfect with bright sunshine, a light breeze and cool, brisk air.  We climbed atop a rock peak to enjoy a picnic lunch at overlook #3.  It would have been a perfect meditation spot! 

Desert View


I think this is a great time of year to hike there as it wasn’t very crowded.  Still it was awesome to see so many families out on the short trails just outside the tram station.   But we were happy to wander along other trails and off-trail for a couple of hours taking in the magnificence of the trees and finding some solitude.  I would definitely recommend a taking a picnic for day hikes; and other than water, a jacket and a small backpack we didn’t really need much else. 


Roots of large tree

Next trip there, we will take the longer trail to the summit.