A 5.5-mile Snowshoe Day Hike on the PCT, 1/14/2019

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by Tracy Cramer
Sales Associate, A16 West Los Angeles
Trailhead: PCT Mile 401

After thru-hiking the PCT this summer, experiencing it via snowshoe made it feel like a completely different trail. We were there during a snow storm, and the route was completely invisible under the blanket of white - which also made it difficult to find the actual trail (strong recommend to use the Guthook App*). I was most grateful for my Icebreaker and Smartwool baselayers to keep me cozy during the winter storm. 10/10 would snowshoe again!


PCT trail sign

Finding the PCT sign felt like being reunited with an old friend

snow covered trail

I thought we'd found a trail marker but it was just a burned stick. Thank goodness for Guthook!



trail kiosk

Trying (and failing) to remember the cabin located here - but I found a box with free PCT postcards



trail sign

Pleasant View Ridge Wilderness


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