52 Hikes 2015 Instructions

Posted by Adventure 16 | 11.12.2015


52 of the Best Hikes in SoCal


• San Diego County version (available in A16 San Diego & Solana Beach stores)
• Los Angeles County version (available in A16 West L.A. store)


Use as a hiking bucket list, a resolution/inspiration to hike more, or motivation to get more fit.
Just pluck a hike out of the jar once a week, find the trail & GO!


Ask the cashier at any A16 store location for the "52 Hikes" Do-It-Yourself kit. Kit is $16.



We provide:

• Printed Hikes
• Rustic Tag
• Full Instructions
• Twine
• Rustic Embellishments




You will also need:

• 1-liter A16 Nalgene bottle
• Scissors
• Optional tie-ons (A16 gift card, whistle, clip on flashlight, twig, etc.)




Make one of these for every serious hiker on your gift list. Come into any A16 and pick up your "52 Hikes" kit today!






1. Cut out each individual hike on the dotted lines for a total of 52 strips of paper. We made quick work of it using a paper cutter, but scissors work fine too.



2.  Cut provided "skinny" twine into (52) 4-1/2” long pieces. We did this by wrapping the twine around two push pins placed 4’1/2” apart. We made two sets of 26, rather than one set of 52—to make it easier to work with.



3. Roll up each strip of paper to a circumference of about ½”. (Wrapping the paper around your index finger works quite nicely). We rolled the GOLD summer hikes “face in” to give them more contrast. The rest of the hikes were rolled “face out” as they look more interesting in the bottle that way. It also gives the user a sneak peek at the hike. Secure the roll temporarily with a paper clip.



4. Tie a piece of twine around each roll and remove the paper clip.

5. Stuff the tied, rolled hikes into a Nalgene bottle, intermingling the GOLD colored hot weather hikes with the TAN all year hikes. 



6. Tie on the provided tag using the "fat" twine. Tie the twine in a bow.  Embellish by attaching the rustic embellishments (Twig, Tiny Pine Cone), and optional A16 Gift Card or whistle.

Total Time: About 45 minutes

Visit any A16 store for  your "52 Hikes" DIY kit today!  Available while supplies last.


• We found that the tiny pine cone stays on the twine better with a small dot of glue.

• It is more efficient to group like-tasks together, and do them all at the same time, rather than making one roll completely and then making another one.


For instance, do all the paper cutting, then make all the twine lengths you need, then loosely tie all the twine into (52) 1/2" circles.  We loosely tied the twine sections onto a 1/2" tube, slipped it off, and saved them for the end of step 3.  This allows you to eliminate using a paper clip, as you can simply slide the pre-made twine loops onto the rolled paper, directly from your finger. Once the twine is around the roll of paper, all you have to do is tighten it slightly.