4 weeks in Oregon

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So…Where’s Jay Today?


A16's full-time Van Life Ambassador and part-time Design Aficionado, Jay Golien, has embarked on a four-week Road Trip through Oregon.


His goal:

To work remotely – as though he were sitting right here in our office – while exploring new places, photographing strange landscapes and meeting weird / interesting people.


Why not?

If things get too weird, he can just drive off! Check back often for his latest adventure.


A16 vanlife Oregon art


Beep Beep!


:: So… here we go again! The 6 week van-life trial of working from the road was a success, so I'm off again – this time to explore Oregon for 4 weeks.


This tour is all about mountain biking, hiking, fishing and becoming a bear whisperer. Enjoying the wild Oregon coast and growing my chin whiskers in the forest.


My plan is to drive Oregon’s PCH North to the Washington border. Turn East and check out Portland and Hood River. Head South to visit Crater Lake National Park. Maybe Mt. Shasta on my way back to San Diego.


You know the drill, take notes there might be an quiz for later!




Week 4: Mountains, Lakes and the Sea


Mt. Hood
Mt. Hood. Elevation: 11,245 ft. The highest point in Oregon.  photo: olas creative


Crater Lake National Park, OR. “With a depth of 1,943 feet, Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the United States.  video: olas creative


Battery Point Lighthouse
Battery Point Lighthouse, guarding St. George Reef. Crescent City, CA  photo: olas creative


Kickin’ back with a cold brew
Kickin’ back with a cold brew after a trail ride around Eel Lake. photo: olas creative


Featured Gear: Nemo Stargazer Chair, Yeti Coldster


This trip was magical, four weeks exploring the Oregon Coast! All of the beauty of Big Sur, CA with cheap camping in the Oregon State Parks.


Every day there was a new place to explore. Hiking and Biking the trails, visiting the Columbia River Gorge and Mt. Hood. Go explore the Oregon Coast, it’s a wild & wooly adventure!


Until next time, see ya out there!




Week 3: Wonderful Oregon 


Cummins Creek Bridge
Cummins Creek Bridge, Neptune State Scenic Viewpoint. photo: olas creative


Mobile gear repair
Mobile gear repair truck in Pacific City. Patagonia’s the Worn Wear Program.  photo: olas creative


Mpowered Luci Lights
Nights in the van are lit by Mpowered Luci Lights.  photo: olas creative


Griff's on the Dock
Griff's on the Dock, Port Orford. As salty as you want it.  photo: olas creative




Week 2: Oregon Coast


Travel Oregon
Travel Oregon.  photo: olas creative


Breakfast powered by Jetboil.
Breakfast powered by Jetboil.  photo: olas creative


Featured Gear: Jetboil Flash Personal Cooking System • A16 Nalgene BottleCliff BarLight My Fire Spork • GSI Cup & Bowl


Coquille River Light House.
Coquille River Light House.  photo: olas creative


Olympic National Park.
Crystal clear water.  photo: olas creative




Week 1: Northern California and the Southern Oregon Coast


lone salior and the golden gate bridge
Lone Sailor and the Golden Gate. SF.  photo: olas creative


the outpost motel sign
Vintage Motel sign on Hwy 101, Leggett, CA.  photo: olas creative


boy playing with driftwood
Boys playing with driftwood. Harris Beach.  photo: olas creative


boat names
The ship yard. Port Orford.  photo: olas creative



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