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8,000 Meter Challenge

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Injinji Nubambo socks. Inov8 trail gaitors. Patagonia long sleeve silk weight capilene top. Headsweats Protech running hat. All of these items worked great during the event.

If I had to pick one piece of gear that worked better than expected during the recent 8,000 Meter Challenge, I would have to say my Injinji Coolmax Performance Series socks won top honors.
Injinji socks are not your ordinary socks because they have a very unique patented five-toed design. This design combines both the comfort and dexterity of being bare foot along with the protection of individual seamless anatomical toes sleeves for your toes. Injinji socks fit like a glove and don’t bunch up so they provide blister free protection not only for your toes, but for your entire foot too. The material blend of 75% Coolmax, combined with a little nylon and spandex, did a fantastic job of wicking moisture away from my foot the entire day.

During the 8,000 Meter Challenge I wore my Injinji socks the entire 40 miles and 14,000+ feet of climbing up and 14,000+ feet of climbing down without a single blister. While competing in many ultra marathons and triathlons since the early 1980’s, I used to slather my feet with petroleum jelly and use standard polypro liner socks to achieve the same Injinji blister free results. Now I don’t have to throw away my Vaseline and dirt encrusted socks after each long event! Injinji socks truly rock and I won’t ever do another long trail event without them!

TIPS: Test all of your gear prior to the event and keep it as light as possible without sacrificing durability and reliability.

HIGHLIGHT OF TRIP: Reaching the top of San Jacinto after 23 hours and 15 minutes.

THINGS TO BEWARE OF OR TO AVOID NEXT TIME: Don’t go out too hard on the first mountain and do your conditioning homework to make sure you are in shape to take on this type of challenge. I would highly recommend pre-hiking each of the three trails to establish a good idea of how long it is going to take.

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